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I’ve been obsessed with craft books for my entire life. Stick me in the craft section at Barnes & Nobles and you won’t see me for hours! As a kid, I would pore over my mom’s books and wish that I had the resources to create all the cool stuff I found. One of the best parts about being an adult is the ability to drive to the craft store almost any time I want and pick out supplies for any given project. And no one can stop me from using plaster of paris because it’s too messy!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been collecting vintage craft books. Most of my books are from the 70s. They are full of “interesting” projects and ideas. Some of the instructions are so detailed that I need an engineering degree to follow them – measurements, diagrams, stand up, sit down, turn around. Some of the instructions are frustratingly vague – make this replica of the Eiffel Tower out of toothpicks and glue. Okay, sure, I can do that.

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I’ve picked up a few books from the 80s, although it’s still hard for me to consider those vintage, since they were printed after I learned to read. Of course, they’re full of geese.

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Sure the projects in these books are dated. They’re worked in avocado green and burnt orange. They have scary clown faces. Some of them don’t even make sense anymore. Does my toaster really need a cozy? But, I think there is still a little creative spark left in these old books that have been relegated to thrift stores and garage sale piles. It needs to be coaxed out and reinvented, but the potential is there. That’s my goal. Take these outdated crafts and give them a modern facelift. Rediscover the creativity of the past and adapt it to the now. Sometimes it won’t take more than a little change in the material. Sometimes it’s going to be a complete overhaul. Who knows what I might discover!

But, I’m 99% sure there won’t be any geese.


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