Vintage Craft Revamp: Curly Candle Wraps

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I’m pretty stinkin’ excited to share my very first Vintage Craft Revamp! This first project comes from The Book of Handicrafts for All the Family edited by Eve Harlow and published in 1975. I like this book, because it has lots of full color pictures.

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These “scrolled candlesticks” made from paper said “Halloween” to me, so I figured they would be a perfect way to start this series. And, the books says they’re, “made in minutes”! It took me a bit to figure out the directions, but once I did, they really were simple to create. And, the supplies are basic – paper, glue, pencil, scissors, ruler. I also used a paper trimmer and scoring board, but I could have figured out how to finish this without them.

Step 18b

Here’s where we’re headed. You know what they didn’t have in 1975? Double sided patterned paper! I used a cute double sided Halloween-ish paper. It was kind of a medium weight paper – not copier paper, but not heavy duty cardstock. Somewhere in between.

Step 1

The first step is to measure the diameter of your candle. Mine was 9 inches. This determines the size you will cut your paper.

Step 2aYour paper needs to be the same width as the diameter of your candle, plus 1/2 inch, and 5 inches tall. My candle had a 9 inch diameter, so I cut my paper 9 1/2 inches by 5 inches. (This paper isn’t really that ugly. Something about the contrast between the green paper and the green cutting mat, didn’t sit well with my camera!)

Step 2b

Mark your paper ½ inch from the right side and 1 inch up from the bottom.

Step 3

Cut this section of the paper out. This creates the tab that you will use at the end when you wrap the holder around the base of your candle.

Step 4Draw a line from left to right one inch up from the bottom of the paper.

Step 5

Divide the paper into ½ inch sections stopping at the horizontal line you just drew.

Step 5b

(Draw lightly so they won’t show up on your final project. My lines are dark, because I wanted them to show up on camera.)

Step 6

Cut on each line, stopping at the horizontal line one inch above the bottom of the paper.

Step 7a
Step 7b

Now, you have ½ inch wide strips attached to a 1 inch base.

Step 8a

Score every other strip where it attaches to the base.

Step 8b

Fold the scored strips back, so they hang down below and behind the base.

Step 8c

Now, half of your strips are up and half are down.

Step 9

Step 10

Starting on the left side (You can start on the right, for that matter, but I wouldn’t suggest starting in the middle), place glue on the back of the end of the first top strip and curl it around to create a loop.

Step 11a

Place glue on the front of the end of the first bottom strip and curl it up and over the back of the base.

Step 11b

(If you are using double sided paper, it might help to remember that you will always be putting the glue on the same pattern. In my example, I always put the glue on the purple side, no matter if the strips were pointing up or down.)

Step 12

Continue to the end, alternating top, bottom, top, bottom.

Step 13
Step 13b

Step 14

At this point, I curved the ends around to meet just to let it stretch out a bit and see how it was taking shape. Cute, right?

Step 15 Step 14b Step 16 Step 17

Wrap the holder around the base of your candle and secure with a bit of clear tape.

Step 18

Finished! All ready to add to your Halloween decor. And, just change up the paper you use, and this adapts to any holiday or event!


Like a baby shower, perhaps?

There you  have it! A 1970s project adapted to today! Let me know what you think!


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