Making Plans

Planner cover

I am a Dollar Spot junkie. I do not enter Target without checking out the Dollar Spot. It’s like a crazy candy store for adults where everything is cheap, cheap, cheap! And, I get really excited when they stock new product.

I was there on New Year’s Day and spotted (see what I did there?) the cutest little binders. One with flowers and one with gold stripes. Then, I saw that they had planner inserts!

I keep a calendar faithfully, but I cannot do it on my phone. I need to have a physical place to write things down.I love the concept of a daily planner, but I will admit to being kind of bad about keeping up with it. However, this year, I have goals and intentions and purpose…Ask me about those in March…

Anyhoo, back to the planner! Each piece was $3. I bought the binder, filler pages, two packs of calendar pages, and the accessories pack. So, I have a grand total of $15 invested in this planner that may or may not end up under a pile of stuff a couple months from now. Not too shabby considering how expensive a planner system can be.

I bought two packs of the calendar pages and dividers. You can get by with one pack, but that would mean utilizing the front and back of each page and having all of your monthly calendars together in one place. I wanted to be able to have each month separated by a tabbed divider and place the weekly planning pages after each month. Buying two packs allowed me to do that.

I placed my accessories pack at the front. I’m not sure I would even buy that pack again. It takes up a lot of space in the front of my binder, but there is a nice little note pad with perforated pages that I can make lists on and tear off. The sticky notes may get removed.

Each month has a tab divider, a monthly calendar, and weekly pages. I’ll use the monthly calendar for appointments, events and so forth. The weekly pages are a good place for blog and project planning. The filler page pack came with lined paper and three pocket divider pages. I put those at the very back, and will move them around as needed for organization and planning.

The front of the binder seemed a bit plain, so I used my Cricut Explore Air to make a simple vinyl decal to apply to the front. You could easily add your name or a monogram or whatever strikes your fancy.

There you have it! A quick, easy, low cost planner for the well-intentioned. Happy New Year! And best of luck on your resolutions!


2 thoughts on “Making Plans

  1. What a dreamy colour palette. Very soothing, sweet and beautiful. I’m with you in needing a physical planner/calendar. I do keep multiple ones for different areas of my life on the computer, but I always have a classic paper version (or two) as well, especially for birthday and anniversary reminders.

    Have a great New Year!
    ♥ Jessica


  2. Love it! Getting my planner set up this time of year brings me such nerdy joy.

    You could probably also find some free printables for other types of pages if you’d like. If you want to waste half a day, go search for planners on Pinterest. 😉


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