Auction Finds

Auctions get a bit scarce during the winter, but I got the chance to attend a big one a couple Saturdays ago. It was packed! Regulars are getting a bit desperate for a good sale, so this one was very well attended. There were a number of items I was interested in. Unfortunately, I had to wait about five hours for them to finally get to what I wanted!

The auctioneer is one of my favorites. He is fast and keeps the sale moving, but no matter how fast you are, it still takes time to get through all the merchandise! I did come home with some pretty good stuff, though, so I was glad I invested the time.

rusty avocados 022

I picked up this cute breadbox for $12.50. The scale is a little rough, but it has a great porcelain top. Plus, I won it for $6. This auction had a bunch of vintage globes. The larger ones were going for about $50. I managed to snag these two small ones for $12.50 each.

rusty avocados 024

For some reason, I am always drawn to these bug sprayers. Kind of a weird thing to be attracted, too, but I love the colors and the pump mechanism. I think they will look good in an Independence Day display later this year. The “God Bless America” plaque was in a box of booklets about the Dionne Quintuplets. It’s actually a postcard that could be mailed for a dime. Another good piece for the Fourth!

rusty avocados 018

This leather fireman’s helmet was the prize of the day. My husband wasn’t able to attend the auction with me, but I texted him a photo of this item. I knew he’d love it. I was given instructions to go for it! I managed to snag the helmet for $60 which was actually at the low end of my husband’s price range, so he was very pleased! I was told that this was worn by a fireman in the Peabody, Kansas volunteer fire department, which was neat, as my father graduated from Peabody back in the 60s.

Looking forward to the next auction! Hopefully, I won’t have to wait long for a good one to come up.


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