Auction Finds

Rusty Avocados - Western Flyer Pedal Tractor

My husband Roger was our auction representative a couple weeks ago. I stopped in early to preview the sale and then went back home. This particular auction had about a dozen full sized vintage sewing machines.  I adore vintage sewing machines, but frankly, I don’t have the room for any more, so we passed on those.

Roger is a pedal car aficionado. So, obviously, he was drawn to this Western Flyer pedal tractor. It is in amazing condition with original parts and paint. He especially loves that single front wheel and the cool graphics.

Rusty Avocados - Vintage Frame

This vintage frame is big! It measures 23 inches by 28 inches. It’s in great shape and still has its glass. I love the floral design. Even without a picture in it, it’s a work of art.

This metal stand was something that I pointed out, and Roger wrinkled his nose at, but he still managed to bring it home for me. The middle shelf is slanted so that it can hold books. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up and the wind to die down so that I can shoot this with a bit of aqua spray paint! I wonder if I could find a spot for this in my kitchen. It would be cool for holding cookbooks.

Roger and I love to attend auctions together, but our kids are less than enthusiastic, so we often have to split up. Even when I don’t get to attend, it’s a different kind of fun to see what he comes home with!


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