Pom Pom Bunny Wreath

Pom Pom Bunny Wreath

Pom pom bunny wreath

While cruising around the internet and peeking in at stores, I’ve seen several backward facing Easter bunnies made of two wreaths. They’ve all been super cute, and I thought, what could be better than that? Then it hit me. Pom poms. What isn’t improved by pom poms? So here’s my  version of the bunny rear end wreath.

bunny wreath 047

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The first step is to make a billion pom poms. Okay, not actually a billion. I made about 70 2 1/2 inch pom poms in tan using the Clover Large Pom Pom Maker Set (affiliate link.) Yes, you can totally make pom poms without this little tool. Feel free! But, if you like craft tools, and you’re not sure you can figure out how to make your own pom pom maker, then these are fun. They work great!

pom pom maker

It’s actually not all that hard to make 70+ pom poms. I did them while I was watching t.v. They go really fast, and it’s kind of fun. Plus, you get yarn confetti all over your couch and it’s like a party…

When you are tying off the pom poms, be sure to leave those ends long so that you can use them to tie the pom poms to your wreaths.

bunny wreath 006

I purchased two styrofoam wreaths for this project. The one for the body was 11.8 inches and the one for the head was 9.8 inches. Of course, you could do different sizes, as long as the head is a bit smaller than the bottom.

When you’ve got enough pom poms, start tying them to the wreath. I did this by wrapping the yarn ends around each side of the wreath, crossing them at the back, then bringing the ends back to the front and knotting it under the pom pom. I felt like this kept things a bit more secure, and I was able to avoid a bunch of knots on the back of the wreath. Trim the ends and they’ll blend in with the rest of the yarn.

Basically, you’ll be creating two rows of pom poms. I alternated the position of each pom pom so that the inside pom poms fell between the outside ones.

bunny wreath 007 (2)

Cover both wreaths in this manner. I did leave one blank spot on the body portion so that when the two pieces were connected, I wouldn’t have quite so much bulk at the neck.

I chose to connect the two pieces by tying them together. I felt like this would be more secure than glue or anything else. I placed my yarn across the front of the two pieces where I wanted them to connect, then slid the yarn down between the pom poms to hide it. I flipped the entire thing over and tied it in the back. I left one end very long and began wrapping it around the two pieces to make it more secure. When I got to the end of my yarn, I tied the two ends together.

bunny wreath 023 (2)

Then, I did it again to add even more security. There is still a bit of flexibility, but it stays in place. You may have to do a bit of fluffing at this point to get everything back where you want it.

bunny wreath 030 (2)

You’ll need to make one more pom pom. This time, I used the larger 3 3/8 inch tool and white yarn. Then I tied it to the bottom of the body wreath to make a cute little bunny tail. I think this would be cute if you made an even larger pom pom.

bunny wreath 031 (2)

All this bunny needs is ears!

bunny wreath 029 (2)

I drew a bunny ear and traced two of them on to a piece of chipboard, then cut them out.

bunny wreath 032 (2)

I chose a simple patterned paper that matched my yarn to cover the ears. I cut the patterned paper with a bit of extra margin so that I could wrap the edges around the chipboard.

bunny wreath 033 (2)bunny wreath 034 (2)

In order to make it easy to wrap the paper around the edges of the chipboard, I notched the patterned paper all around, then folded these tabs around the ear.

I applied Mod Podge to the back of the patterned paper and covered the chipboard ear. I had to use a bit extra on the back to keep the ends in place.

bunny wreath 038 (2)

I inked the edges of the ears to add a bit of definition and mask any irregularities.

bunny wreath 039 (2)

Finally, I hot glued the ears to the back of the head wreath.

bunny wreath 048

A big pink tulle bow around the neck added the finishing touch!

bunny wreath 045

You’ll probably being seeing more pom pom projects from me. They are just too much fun! (And easy. I always love easy!)


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One thought on “Pom Pom Bunny Wreath

  1. This is really cute! I remember making pom poms as a girl, using a fork! I tried it as an adult, but couldn’t get them to look as good as I remember. Maybe I’ll try again!

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