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New Sewing Machines

vintage 014

For the past number of years, I have been collecting vintage toy sewing machines. Most of my machines are from the 60s and earlier. I was recently able to add three new beauties to my collection.

vintage 018

I purchased this Straco Jet Sew-O-Matic from oneĀ Vintage Junk In My Trunk‘s Instagram sales. It is made from both metal and plastic. It has such a unique shape!

vintage 016

A few weeks back, I sent Roger off to an auction with directions on what to buy! He came home with this little cutie for $20. I am a sucker for red. This one is actually battery operated, although I haven’t check to see if it still works. Most of the time, the battery compartment is terribly corroded, but this one looks pretty good.

vintage 021

This was the “must have” machine from the same auction. These machines were made by Casige in Germany. Casige made a lot of machines in many different styles over the years. I love to find the ones with fairy tale decals. This particular one is Little Red Riding Hood. I also own a Hansel and Gretel machine.

vintage 024

Here’s a close up shot of the decal.