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Head Cases

vintage 007

A few weeks back, I attended an estate sale that advertised over 100 head vases for sale! I have a fascination with these that started back when I was a little girl. My Grandma Reva had one in her basement spare bedroom. As a kid, I wasn’t sure if it was pretty or downright creepy. That particular vase is long gone. Probably sold at Grandma and Grandpa’s auction when they moved away from the farm. I wish now that I had it.

Before the big head vase sale, I only owned a couple of these ladies, but I felt like it was time to grow my collection. The vases were priced at $20 each. If you bought two, the price went down to $15 each. Four or more were $10 each. Obviously, I had to buy at least four!

vintage 012

The lady on the left is the first one in my collection. I just love her gorgeous pin-up look and the simplicity of those red lips and flower accents. The one on the right was part of the big sale. I love that she’s holding a phone to her ear! How cute is that? Both of these have a shiny glossy finish. My other vases are all a traditional matte porcelain finish.

vintage 008

Here are a couple of glamorous mid-century ladies. I’m not totally comfortable with that lady in pearls. She is the second in my collection. She’s very proper, but I worry that she wouldn’t hesitate to kill me with a hairpin if I crossed her. The gloved beauty is just fantastic. I love the jewels in her flowers.

vintage 010

I am completely in love with these two youthful beauties. The one on the left has such an ethereal hippie look. The girl on the right reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

Head vases have been collectible for a long time, but I have this gut feeling that they’re going to become even more popular. I love the way they depict the fashion and style of particular time periods. They’re just pretty! I know I’m hooked, and I’m looking forward to finding more.

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